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The Life Dynamics Behind ToP Facilitation by Barbara MacKay

The Life Dynamics Behind ToP Facilitation by Barbara MacKay

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By Yvonne Yam

[20180914] Life Dynamics Behind ToP Facilitation Methods by Barbara Mackay

Finally got a chance to write some reflection of this very powerful September IAFHK Event. 

This is a special event that I personally experienced in 2016 with IAF Singapore. In HK, it was 2 hours, beyond full house, 40+ participants mostly from HK, and facilitator friends and fans from Guangzhou, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan. 

The evening was about story telling around the “life images” behind the ICA Facilitation Methods. These 5 key life dynamics developed by ICA and written about in Brian Stanfield’s book, called “The Courage to Lead” 

What touched me most in SG event 2 years ago and in HK on that night was the powerful story sharing and reflection of the 5th story “What is your story where you made a life-decision that took you OVER THE EDGE?” 

Facilitation (especially the beauty behind ICA Methods) is definitely way beyond just Methods/ 術。2 years ago, I had a deep feeling (and became emotional) connecting to “why I would like to be a facilitator” and “what kind of facilitator I am inspired to be”

And in our September HK event, I saw in our room, about what our Australian facilitator friend did to support indigenous people, what Taiwan facilitator friends did to support transformation of Taiwan education system and NGO sector (TW facilitators are definitely pioneering many transformation in NGO sector), what Singaporean Facilitators did to support Government and public engagement (just google “2012 Our Singapore Conversation”) ... and then how much more we in HK can leverage on facilitation and the spirit behind it... 

Because we are “those who care”...

I am very grateful to Barbara MacKay who brought this invaluable gift to us, despite her extremely busy schedule with heavy international travelling, and right before our HK historic Typhoon No. 9. 

That evening, technically, we learnt about the powerful use of story-telling as facilitation technique. Beyond technical, when Facilitators use self as instructment, participants were given an opportunity to reconnect with our humanity through 5 highly reflective questions, both as Facilitators and as human beings.

Event Description 

Join us for this evening workshop sharing by Barbara MacKay on the 5 key life dynamics developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs and included in the ICA book - "The Courage to Lead".

You will look at how your understanding of these life dynamics might influence your competency as a facilitator and how we view ourselves and the dynamics of the groups we facilitate. The life dynamics are key to understand where we are working with we facilitate groups.

Come and join us on Sept 14, 7:15 to 9:30pm. We only have 36 seats on first come first served.

Early Bird (Before September 3) IAF Member: HK$200
Early Bird (Before September 3) Non Member: HK$ 280
Regular (On and After September 3): HK$350

To enjoy Early Bird discount, please pay by Sept 3. Please find the below link for registration and payment. Registration completes and the seat will be secured upon receipt of payment within 48 hours after registration.

About Barb

Barbara is a Canadian American, of the baby boomer generation, lives in Northwest USA and founded her facilitation business in 1995. She has designed, led thousands of meetings, conferences and workshops around the world. Barbara is an assessor with IAF. Barbara offers multiple courses in facilitation skills and has spent the last 20 years researching and practicing a variety of tools and approaches with all sectors. She has written almost 150 blogs about facilitation . She was inducted into the IAF Hall of Fame in early 2018 for her contributions to the field.

Her core work is based in the Technology of Participation (ToP®) approach and this is supplemented with a rich infusion of accelerated learning techniques (the neuroscience of learning), creativity, cross-cultural and non-violent communication methodologies.

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